Behind the scenes



i'm a surface textile designer specializing in hand dyeing + block printing with hemp textiles. what began as a curiosity making items for myself and exploring slow print design, has turned into something much grander.

when i'm not busy sewing, or covered in ink, i'm most likely playing a game of fetch with my dogs, testing a new recipe, or re-painting something in my house.

when i am in the studio, my favorite thing to do is create! hand dyeing + block printing is a slow design process and i am involved in all steps. i begin by sketching a design and transferring the final image onto either a lino or wood block. i carve all blocks by hand and run a few print tests to make sure the image prints the way i want. i use only the best inks, which are all water-based, eco-friendly and machine washable!

i hand dye my textiles in small batches to allow for the most control of color accuracy, quality, and resource usage. my dyes are eco-CERTIFIED low impact, and are also WASH-FAST.

after all of the printing and dyeing is complete, the last step is to sew it into the final product and put it out for the world to see!

if you'd like to know more, or just want to say hi, e-mail me at

thanks for stopping by!