Handmade Gift Guide : For the Crazy Plant Lady

Day 2 of handmade gift guides and a fun, new theme that I know will appeal to many of you. Much of this stuff may be own my own wish list, since my love of plants knows no bounds ;)


1. Wooden Key Chain - Savvie Studio - I picture this as the perfect gift for the woman in your office who you know has a strong bond with her plant babies. 

2. Small Handmade Ceramic Planter - Soul Vessel Designs - I'm a sucker for tiny things. The smaller the cuter. So no surprise I have lots of tiny plants that need adorable tiny pots.  

3. V1 Hanging Planter - Convivial Production - I purchased my first hanging plant this year. It was a turning point for me. Now that I've found these gorgeous hanging planters, I can go about dangling plants from all ceilings in my home. 

4. Macrame Plant Hanger - amyzwikelstudio - The macrame trend is still going strong. Get your boho, plant-loving friend this plant hanger to show you're a true friend.  

5. Ceramic Pig Planter - Fruit Fly Pie - Who wouldn't appreciate a brightly colored pig planter?

6. Tilandsia Air Plant and Crystal Geode - Auramore - Beautiful. All air plants should come in crystals. 

7. Marimo Moss Ball Terrarium - HandJcraft - I really want a water plant. I think this moss ball is a good starting point. It would make a stunning display on a coffee table. 

8. Metal Leaning Display Ladder - Sonadora in Love - You know you're a crazy plant lady when you need to purchase furniture for your plants. But when it's this stunning, minimal tower, it's no problem at all.